Thursday, December 7, 2017

Light & Looking

I have been thinking a lot about light. As I write poems on this subject this past year or so, I've been adding the poems to a manuscript most tentatively titled, "Light: A memoir in poems." Meanwhile, our child has been taking pictures of art here in Florence, Italy, and it seems that he is also noticing the light.

Last weekend we visited the Bargello Museum. The four year old asked for my phone and took pictures of what he noticed. I loved seeing what caught his eye and how he framed the images, which sometimes took a few tries. 

The connections between visual art and writing are well documented. Each creator is carefully looking, focusing in on something and illuminating it with our own light - a camera, pen or something else. This post is a reminder to be attentive to everything all around us - from what is placed on a pedestal for us to look at to the floor and to the air itself.

Here are some of our child's photographs from the Bargello:

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