Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Not Always Writing in Italy: Brief Photo Essay

Easter weekend is taken very seriously here in Florence, Italy. We were wished, "Auguri!' by our child's classmates' parents before the four day weekend, which made it feel like the Christmas holiday all over again. I wish I had pictures to share with you of the endless giant chocolate eggs filled with "surprise" gifts in the supermarkets and coffee shops throughout the town. Our favorite chocolate treats were definitely from our local chocolate shop, Dona Malina.

The town was festive and we enjoyed the holiday with my parents and two friends who were visiting with their families. It was wonderful to all be together, as always.

While our guests have returned home and the stores have reorganized their shelves, the city streets are still full of tourists. It seems that the spring/summer tourist season is definitely starting off strong.

It is time for me to return to my desk and writing. Luckily, we experienced many beautiful moments which might find their way into some poems or essays. The art, food and company felt exactly appropriate for this start of poetry month.

Here are just a few of those adventures:

Mom and I took a fresco making class with local artist Alan Pascuzzi

My parents and I took a walking tour with Signature Italy Tours,
 including visiting the Loggia Del Pesce

Our Signature Italy Tour also brought us into Cecilia Falciai's inlay workshop

Bardini museum

Feltrinelli bookstore's child-sized lookout (Piazza Repubblica)

Changing of the Guard at Palazzo Vecchio

Fresh pasta from Sfoglia D'autore

Smoke from the Explosion of the Cart on Easter Sunday

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Elizabeth said...

In Italy Easter is a big deal and it was a pleasure to me your parents!
All the Best, Elizabeth