Friday, October 4, 2019

The Power of Stories

Screenshot of the article, "A D.C. family stranded in India by our dysfunctional immigration system" by Petula Dvorak including a family picture in front of the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C.

In memoir writing workshops, I open with a discussion of the power of individual stories. Individual stories have the power to make a large, complicated situation tangible and, hopefully, comprehensible.

Our dear friends are in India waiting - and waiting and waiting - for the necessary paperwork to return to their home in Washington, D.C. They spoke recently with Petula Dvorak at the Washington Post about their ongoing experience. The resulting article captures their very human response to an intensely bureaucratic experience.

Please read the article for a glimpse into this family's life in order to better understand a larger situation. Please share the article widely in an effort to educate readers about this experience which is an increasingly common one.

Let's continue to believe in our stories and believe in each other. The result of understanding ourselves and each other through our personal stories? Empathy as we recognize our emotions in others. And then, most importantly in these urgent times, action.

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