Monday, December 30, 2019

Happy New Year! Time to Set Attainable Goals to Meet the BIG One

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Every year I say that the following year's date doesn't sound real. This year is no different: "2020" just doesn't sound like a year that this person born in 1970-something can wrap her mind around. (Right?!?)

That said, here we (almost) are! A new year. I love the fresh start of a new notebook or even word processing document. A new year is even better.

In preparation of this fresh start of a new year, make some clear and attainable writing goals. Build on what you already do and succeed at doing. Start the list with the major goal, no matter how intimidating it might be (maybe, "write book"). Then, do the important work to make that goal possible: break that major goal into pieces (maybe, "write outline," "write x scene," "finish chapter 2," etc.)

Give yourself some time to look at your calendar and think about when you can and actually will work towards these goals. Then, mark your calendar. Imagine that writing (and editing, researching, revising and submitting) are appointments that you have to keep. Set aside the time and keep the appointment.

You got this.

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