Monday, January 13, 2020

Some Drafts Are Just Drafts

Looking up at the sky through bare branches

You can abandon some of your drafts. Here is a (very imaginary) permission slip to give yourself whenever you need it.

Of course, I would never advocate for throwing out early drafts. But you don't have to keep editing and revising them. Instead, make time for whatever it is that you really want to write. I know that I've gotten stuck on a draft because I think I have to finish it before I "allow" myself to start the next thing. 

Sometimes drafts are just drafts; they don't always lead to something more. They might be practice for something else, a playful attempt that you enjoyed trying out but didn't work or something you had to write to get on to the next thing. 

You might feel comfortable jotting notes in a journal that you don't necessarily come back to. A titled word processing document can live in that same space if it just doesn't feel right.

The road to a final draft is paved with many, many earlier drafts. But there are also some roads that don't end in a final draft and that's ok. These roads are just, well, drafty (thank you to 2020's first blog-pun-permission.)

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