Wednesday, March 4, 2020


The annual AWP conference (Association of Writers and Writing Programs) is happening in Texas, but many writers and presses have canceled due to the coronavirus. The book fair, including the many conference discounts, is partially taking place online. 

Follow along on Twitter with this hashtag: #AWPvirtualbookfair or scroll through this Google document. The document links directly to the presses.

If you are a reader, this is a great way to discover new voices and follow your favorite authors. If you are also a writer submitting your words to  journals, buy a subscription or a few back issues to learn more about a journal before submitting.

I encourage you to purchase books and subscriptions to favorite and new-to-you journals. This conference is an important way for these presses to stay afloat financially and for you to read their curated words. Support them today with your purchases. 

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