I am an active poet, essayist and blogger. Please scroll down and click through to read some of my publications.

Poetry Collection

"Unrest" Finishing Line Press (2013)

Live Interviews

Great Day Washington (CBS) Tips on how to become a better writer (2017) and follow-up article with recommended books (2017)

Music Composition

Lauren Spavelko performed her composition based on my poem, "Objects" (July 2016, Spoleto, Italy)
Lauren Spavelko's composition, "Baby Book", based on my poems, was performed by Natasha Lynn Foley (Spring 2016, Louisville, KY)

Laurel Irene sings Lauren Spavelko's composition, "Baby Book" (February, 2019, California State University)


"Sleep," "Uniquely Human," "Heat," and "Pregnancy" forthcoming from print anthology Teacher Voice (2019)

"Three Weeks Early", "I Knew" and "Reflex" Two Cities Review (October 2019)

"Almost Seven MonthsCrack the Spine issue 253 (2019)

"Guide to Baby's First Year" and "Hahrt-break at Seven Months" Gargoyle Magazine (2019)

"Love Me As If We Were Alone in this World" and "Wasn't" Room (2018)

"Mammals' Cries" and "Meaning to Be" Dying Dahlia Review (April 2018)

"Cracking the Spectrum" Collaborative poem with Cheryl Moskowitz, Artists Re_Solve (February 2018)

"Becoming a Signora" Poets Reading the News (Oct. 2017)

"Silence" Pittsburgh Poetry Review (2016)

"Writing Rules" and "Carrying" All We Can Hold: A Collection of Poetry on Motherhood (Sage Hill Press; 2016)

"Permission to Stay" The Brilliant Meal (June 2015)

“Prune,” “Great Aunt Dora To You (Before You),” and “Fertility on Ferragosto” Graze (Oct. 2014)

"One and two and three and" The Healing Muse (October 2014)

Magari” in I Call, You Respond, Pank (July 2014)

"Ciao, Ciao," "Italian Vocabulary : Gravidanza," and "Conjunctions" Minerva Rising Literary Journal (2013)

"Short Duet / Dualities," "Figs" and "Objects" in Literary Mama (October 2013)

"No" & "Returning Home" in the Beltway Poetry Quarterly (October 2013)

"Fierce Hunger," "Awaken," "Light," and "Looking Out" in Anthem Journal (October 2013)

"No Infinitive" in The Dressing (August 2013)

"Elsewhere" District Lines anthology published by Politics & Prose Bookstore (2013)

"Before" The Northern Virginia Review (2013)

"No Infinitive" in Poets Online (2013)

"Remote" The Postcard Press (2013)

"Hunger" THEthe Poetry from The Red Room Company (September, 2012)

"Prayer Circle," "With/out," & "I write you into the distance" 10x3 plus (#7, 2012)

"Duccio's Gold" on the Poetry Dress @ Massachusetts Poetry Festival (May 2011) and University of Massachusetts-Boston at the University Archives and Special Collections (April 2012)

"Pop Rivet" One of '30 Poems to Inspire' in Narrative Magazine (May 2011)

“Mouth Pebble” HIV and AIDS anthology Spaces Between Us (2010)

"Alzheimer's Reversed Her" Alimentum (2010)

"Estate Sale Next Door" Poem of the Week in Narrative Magazine (August 2010)

"Cuban Customs Attempts to Confiscate her Mangoes" Narrative Magazine (June 2010)

Reading of Jeff Mock’s poem “Carpenter Bees” for LineBreak (April 2010)

“Cemetery” Narrative Magazine (2010)

"Adea" PoetSpeak (March 2010)

“Nest” Lines & Stars (Winter 2010 & chosen to be included in "Best of 2009-2010" chapbook)

“The View,” in (Jan. 2010)

“Voyage Dream” (Fall 2009)

“CHARGE Syndrome” and “How to make ribollita” The Old West Side Newsletter, MI (Spring 2009)

“Color of the Sea” The Cortland Review (Feb. 2009)

“Salty” Philadelphia Marriage Examiner (Feb. 2009)

“Will you” Storyscape Journal (Vol. 1, Issue 2) (Aug. 2008)

“To Learn” Anthology The Poetry of Place: North Jersey in Poetry published by The Poetry Center at Passaic County Community College, NJ (2008)

“Sundays in Newark, 1936” Alimentum (Dec. 2007)

“Thirst” Sink Review (number 2) (2007)

“Water Lily” South Mountain Poets Chapbook (2007)

“Teresa serves dinner at 20:00” Conte: Journal of Narrative Writing (Dec. 2006)

“Light” and Translations of Massimiliano Chiamenti’s poems “#30 Teknostorie,” and “#7 Teknostorie” Private Photo Review (2006)

“Question of Return,” Lumina Magazine (2004-2005)

“Spring Pool Water,” “Noisier Than the Milk,” and “Statue of Liberty, 1890,” SpiralBridge (2004)

“Foxtrot” and “Today I am the Same Age as my Mother,” Western Michigan University’s Prague Summer Program Journal Thresholds (2004)

“Il Campo (Siena, Italia),” Fieri Manhattan (2000)

Chloe Yelena Miller Interviewed

Politics & Prose Bookstore National Poetry Month Interview (April 2014)

The Old College Try - Plus Some: Students Pay for Help Writing Admissions Essays in Express Night Out (Washington Post) (December 2010)


"Your English Professor's Inner Thoughts on Your Final Paper Topic" McSweeney's Internet Tendency (November 2019)

"100 Things to Pay on the 100th Day of SchoolSammiches & Psych Meds (October 2019)

"If You Give a Mom Some Wi-Fi"  Sammiches & Psych Meds (July 2019)

“Cost Saving Advantages of Perimenopause” McSweeney’s Internet Tendency (May 2019)

"Infant Girl Photo Shoot on Soft-focus BlanketDefenestration (May 2019)

"How to Answer Your Nosy Family’s Questions Like a Toddler" MockMom's Sammiches & Psych Meds (September 2018)

"Do Your Parents Have Amnesia About Parenting? (Hint: Yes)" MockMom's Sammiches & Psych Meds (May 2018)

"Dear Young Neighbor Who Complains About My Baby" Scary Mommy (March 2018)

"Accumulated Wisdom From the Mom With Kids Just a Little Bit Older Than Yours" McSweeney's  (March 2018)

Essays & Articles

"There Are Things We Can’t SayJellyfish Review (September 2019)

"Just Friends" hip mama (November 2018)

"The Birthday Tradition That Costs Nothing, But Means Everything" Scary Mommy (September 2018)

"Cement Foundation" Entropy (May 2018)

"Confessions of a (Former) Go-To-Parent" Scary Mommy (Feb. 2018)

"Be Creative in Your Career: Offer Private Writing Workshops" in 2012 & 2013 Poet's Market (2012 & 2013)

"Landing Online Teaching Jobs" Inside Higher Ed (April 2011)

"Should You Teach Online" Inside Higher Ed (Feb. 2011)

“Cooking Classes Aren’t Free, But You Will Save Money in the Long Run” A2Journal (August 2009)

"In a month I will be married" This I Believe (September 2009)

“Turning One Hundred” Anthology Cupcakes on the Counter (Spring 2009)

“Cooking Bucatini All’Amatriciana in Ann Arbor, Michigan” edible WOW (Edible Communities Publications, Issue 6)

“Breathing Life into Your Family History” Family Chronicle (July/Aug.2008)

“Here, There and In Ann Arbor” The Old West Side Newsletter, MI (Dec. 2008)

“The Accidental Porn Professional” Writers on the Job, (Aug. 2008)

“Birthday profile: Dora Minnefor” The Italian Tribune (June 2008)

Articles in The Italian Tribune (2003) and ASMP NJ Newsletter (1999)


Interview with Palooka Journal editors reprinted in The Review Review (February 2013)

Interview with novelist Chris Huntington in The Literary Review (September 2011)

Interview with poet Jee Leong Koh in Eclectica (April 2010)

Book Reviews

Review of The Cento: A Collection of Collage Poems edited by Theresa Malphrus Welford; The Literary Review (TBD, 2012)

Review of The Cento: A Collection of Collage Poems edited by Theresa Malphrus Welford; Verse Wisconsin (Issue 110; Fall 2012)

Review of Margaret Rozga's Though I Haven't Been to Baghdad; Verse Wisconsin (April 2012)

Review of Jane Hirshfield's Come, Thief; The Literary Review (Fall 2011)

Guest Blog Posts

Monthly Guest Blogger @ Minerva Rising Literary Journal (2014)

"What Poetry Can Teach You About Business Writing" Clear Sky Writing (May 2012)

"Connecting Over Networking" Benu Press Blog For Words (March 2012)

"Be Your Own Writing Coach" Andilit (March 2012)

"Illuminating a Larger World: Chloe Yelena Miller's review of "An Unquenchable Thirst" by Mary Johnson" A Room of Her Own's blog, AROHO Speaks (October 2011)

"Why I write. And then revise." First Person Plural (The Writer's Center blog) (March 2011)

"Write from a good place" Andilit (October 2010)

"Sausage and cannellini beans with fresh rosemary" An Easy Spread (October 2010)

"Figs Aren't Fruit" LifeBytes (August 2010)

“A Women’s Writing Retreat: One Woman’s Treat and Necessity” and “AROHO: Digestion” Practicing Writer (August 2009)

“Expert Survival Tip: Personalized Wedding Poems”, (June 2009)

“Finding the best readings for your wedding”, (June 2009)

“Writing Your Family History” Practicing Writer (April 2009)

“Guest blog: Writing your own wedding vows. To Have, and to hold, and… {fill in the blank.}”, (April 2009)