Writing Coach

Writing Coaching

I work privately with individuals and organizations to develop, write and edit materials. I specialize in poetry, personal essays, college application essays (personal statements),  memoir, fiction and commercial articles.

I am available to speak with writers on the phone, video conference (WhatsApp, Skype, Facetime, Google chat, etc.) or email. I am in the Washington, D.C., metro area.

For more details on what happens during our time working together, please click here. Here are some things to think about before our first session. You might also read my post about how to find the best writing coach for you.

Schedule Your Appointment

Contact me via email (chloemiller(at)gmail(dot)com) to schedule your appointment.


The cost is $150.00 an hour. If you send me 3-10 pages of your work, I can estimate how long it will take me to read and prepare notes for our discussion and how long our appointment will last. Typically, it takes me half an hour to read and prepare notes for 8 - 10 pages of double-spaced work and then I meet with the writer to discuss the submission and my notes for an hour. Therefore, one appointment typically costs $225.00 (this final cost includes the preparation and meeting time for a total of 1.5 hours spent focusing on your writing.)

You can pay with a check, cash (if we meet in person) or credit card (via PayPal).

Writing Coach Packages

Here are some sample writing coach packages. We can personalize our meeting to fit your needs and interests.

Beginning Creative Writing: You are just getting started with creative writing (fiction, creative non-fiction and/or poetry). I will provide writing prompts, reading suggestions and editing advice. You will receive a writing prompt via email, send me your written response (1-10 pages double-spaced) via email one week before our appointment and then we will meet for one hour to discuss your work and future plans.
Cost: $405.00
Includes: Two prompts, two submissions (1-10 pages double-spaced), and two one-hour sessions together to discuss your work.

Writing Planning: You need help getting started or finishing a long project. Maybe you are a busy parent writer trying to make and follow a schedule that works for you. You will email me a projected outline and at least one chapter of your project. We will meet for an hour and a half to plan the steps that you will likely need to take to complete the manuscript. You will leave the session with a writing to-do list and a projected schedule to help you to complete the manuscript.
Cost: $300.00
Includes: One submission of an outline and sample chapter and an hour and a half meeting together.

Personal Essay Writing: You are applying to college or graduate programs and are drafting your personal essay. Send me the essay prompt, a link to your intended program, your resume or CV, and a draft of your essay. I will review your draft and email you comments directly on the draft. One week later, we will meet two discuss the submission and my notes. Then, you will revise the draft and send it to me for feedback, and I will email you final comments.
Cost: $300.00
Includes: Two drafts with feedback via email and one hour long meeting.

Manuscript Review: You've written a manuscript and would like to review the overall book (plot, character development, scenes, etc.) with me. Email me a sample (two chapters or at least 20 pages) of your manuscript, basic outline, and current length. I can review the sample and email you a quote to review the entire manuscript, submit comments to you on the manuscript and meet with you to discuss my notes.
Cost: TBD based on your manuscript
Includes: Comments in the page margins of the manuscript and additional notes (one to five paragraphs) on the full manuscript, as well as one hour long meeting to discuss my feedback.


If you book three or more hours at once, you will receive a 10% discount off the total price. Please note that you must complete your pre-paid sessions within a year of purchase.

Follow this website for occasional sales on writing coach services.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel a scheduled appointment, please do so up to twenty-four hours before our appointment to avoid a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee is half the price of the hour long session.

Undergraduate and Graduate Personal Essays

Students applying to undergraduate or graduate programs can often use some help with their personal essays for their applications. Read more about how I work with applicants here. As a previous Smith College volunteer alumnae interviewer, Sarah Lawrence College career counselor and current college writing instructor, I understand what colleges look for in a personal essay. You might be interested in an article from a Washington Post supplement in which I was interviewed as an expert writer who helps students to craft their college application essays. I've worked with clients who have been accepted into undergraduate and graduate programs at schools including:

Amherst College
Boston College
California Institute of Technology
Columbia University
Cornell University
Duke University
Fordham University
Kean University
George Mason University
Johns Hopkins University (Undergrad & MFA)
New School (MFA)
Rutgers University
Sarah Lawrence College
Skidmore College
University of Michigan
University of Pennsylvania
University of Virginia
Whitman College
College of William and Mary
Williams College
Yale University

Short Bio

I received an MFA in creative writing from Sarah Lawrence College and a BA in Italian language and literature from Smith College. I have been teaching composition and creative writing on the college level since 2005. I am a published poet and essayist who regularly gives creative readings and academic presentations.

More Information 

You might also be interested in small-group creative writing classes and creativity workshops.

Gift certificates are available.

Please understand that I won't be able to write your assignment or project for you.

You are welcome to email me for more information: Chloemiller(at)gmail(dot)com. Please mention this website for a free 20 minute consultation.

If you're looking for a copywriter, copyeditor or help with your marketing efforts, I recommend my colleague and friend Amy Bucklin at Clear Sky Writing.


Thanks one more time for a great workshop (my first of this kind). I thoroughly enjoyed your teaching style and insightful comments, and the different writing prompts! I cannot believe how much learning one can do in just four sessions; I certainly feel that I learned a lot from you and from the other writers. - DM (Memoir Writing Workshop student at Politics & Prose Bookstore)

And thank YOU for a very informative, supportive and inspiring class!  You covered an enormous amount of material – effortlessly – and gave us all the opportunity to experience workshopping in a constructive environment.  I learned a great deal and am now energized to finish my book and workshop as much of it as I can! - AG (Memoir Writing Workshop student at Politics & Prose Bookstore)

I signed up for your first Politics and Prose class because I needed structure and deadlines for my writing. In the class realized that you really are good at writing and better still, at guiding writers and at seeing the larger picture in terms of the work we bring to class.  So, in addition to getting what I needed in terms of structure and deadlines, I found a teacher who is available privately, too.

Your feedback on my work as writing coach really helped me move along my thesis last spring.  I will submit my draft for thesis class!  I'm so excited and so ready.

That class not only gave me, again, structure and deadlines, but even more so, the opportunity to share eighty pages of writing with others working on manuscripts.  I lacked confidence in my ability to tell my story, and i gained what i needed in that class.

From my experience with you over more than two years, I am totally confident that you can help fledgling writers get from where they are to where they are trying to go, whatever place we are along the path to a story -- an essay, a manuscript or a sales pitch for the creation.  You are high on my list of writing resources in DC.

Thank you for helping me prepare for a master's in writing degree!  - Jane (Memoir Writing Workshop student at Politics & Prose Bookstore)

Professor Miller, I want to thank you so much for bringing out what little bit of a writer I had inside. I truly took this class due to the fact I needed an advanced writing class to graduate, but it turned out to be one of my favorite classes. I give credit to you for this. You have been a wonderful guide for me to find and pull out more personal aspects to my writing. I hope to have to opportunity to take another one of your classes before completion. - Student taking an online, for-credit class

In the past year, I have taken two memoir writing classes with Chloe Yelena Miller and I have benefited greatly from the focused, insightful direction and ideas she’s provided.  Chloe is equally comfortable working with a large group of people in a class setting, and in more intimate, small-group settings.  Chloe offers valuable writing prompts, working with students to discover the story they are trying to tell.  Chloe provides direction in the writing process, offering tips and ideas about how to frame a writing project in a way that is informative and engaging.

In the classes I’ve had with Chloe, she has worked with seasoned writers and brand-new novices.  She is adept at harnessing the ideas and insights offered by fellow students during group exercises, as well as providing her own critiques.  I have been writing for many years, and I found her direction to be very useful.  I also benefited from the ways in which she guided the class. As an instructor and group facilitator, Chloe retains a very positive attitude, ensuring an atmosphere of congeniality and positive feedback. - Beth (Memoir Writing Workshop student at Politics & Prose Bookstore)

Just got home and I wanted to thank you for a wonderful class! You are a terrific teacher and I really enjoyed meeting you. I really learned alot from you. This course was stimulating and very organized. - Susan Shapiro (Memoir Writing Workshop student at Politics & Prose Bookstore)

I liked having a professional writer help me with my specific weaknesses in technical writing. Chloe is prompt and ever helpful, cheerfully accommodating my travel schedule. - Steven M

I wanted to write and let you know that I have decided to attend The New School this fall. Your advice, support and editing was incredibly helpful throughout this process and I hope I have thanked you enough! I feel very lucky to have been considering so many offers and to have had so much wonderful advice. - Maggie M

Chloe Miller has helped me with both personal essays and hefty business compositions. She is very giving of her time and prepares thoroughly when working on one of my documents, which have varied in length from one to thirty pages. In addition to her ability to create good, readable language, Chloe is especially skilled in organizing the work and helping me to give meaning and clarity to the intended audience. She is also a constant source of ideas and motivation for writing better, writing more and making writing an essential part of every good day. I will continue working with Chloe and recommend her to anyone who wants to become a better writer. – Rich C

Professor Miller had helped me increase the effectiveness of my writing in both my academic and professional career. Becoming a successful leader depends heavily on the ability to communicate clearly and effectively; and after working with Professor Miller it was clear that she was someone who you could count on for exceptional writing advice, and it is because of her that my confidence in writing and critiquing work has seen significant improvement. - Michael C

Ms. Miller provides a well considered, educated, and accurate assessment of one's writing ability. Her approach is direct and to the point, but amiable and without harsh criticism. She is detailed, and expresses herself clearly, while remaining focused on the needs of the individual and how to address and improve their writing. I recommend her highly. – Corey C