Monday, February 14, 2011

Writing Prompt: No Construction Paper Hearts Here

Some people hate Valentine’s Day. There’s the pressure to have a partner. Pressure to prove and display your love with expensive chocolates, flower bouquets and dinner at an over-red-decorated, restaurant.

I don’t hate Valentine’s Day, but I do hate the hubbub. My husband and I love each other every day, whether Hallmark or Hollywood or even Google reminds us and whether we spend any of our hard earned money on bow-wrapped knick-knacks.

Today should be turned into a metaphor for leaving clich├ęs behind. To do that, let’s write.

Choose an image that serves as a metaphor for your love. Forget about the pre-cut construction paper hearts, red devil’s food cake, mall heart-shaped chocolate truffles and Disney princess story endings. Leave those expectations behind and create something new.

Start by thinking about your beloved, one you have, had or wish to have. You might also choose an idea or action, like writing. What first made you fall in love? What smile, action, thought, email, meal, touch, laughter, glance, motion gave you that jolt that feels like a burst of love?

Then, describe it. You could start by thinking about the first senses. Use them as a prompt for your full description.

Once you’ve put this image into words, activate it. Give this image action. This movement will offer the reader insight into not only your love, but the idea of love.

And now, perhaps, you’ve written your Valentine a love note? If you’d like, share your writing below in the comments section.

If it takes you longer to write, and it often takes me longer, maybe you want to send a personalized Poem Flow Valentine. You can choose between traditional, non-traditional, intimate and even the anti-Valentine.

To love and imagery!

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