Monday, June 6, 2011

Enter to Win a Signed Copy of The Party Decides

The infamous “they” say it is better to give than to receive. Today, my birthday, I’d like to give away a signed copy of The Party Decides.

The book is about how U.S. political parties choose their presidential nominees. It argues that party leaders winnow the choices that are presented to voters. In particular, they weed out anyone who is too extreme or factional to win, as well as anyone who is not loyal enough to the party to be worth electing.

To enter to win the book, answer one of the questions below in the Comments section by Wednesday, June 8th at noon. The winner will be announced later that day.

1. What do you think of the book’s argument?

2. Who do you think is going to win the 2012 Republican nomination, and if you like, why?


Shasta said...

Hmm...I'll put my money on Mitch Daniels for the nomination. Maybe then Indiana can elect a decent governor.

amybucklin said...

This argument seems very sound. It would definitely be in the best interest of a party to put forward the candidate with the best chances of winning, and who toes the party line.

Still, it's not something that the average American probably thinks about. We like to think that our votes matter, after all. I'd be interested in reading the book and learning more.

At this point I'd have to predict Mitt Romney for the Republication nomination.

Peter said...

I'm sure the party leadership would like to winnow out the non electable but in reality I don't think they can anymore. Look who is running on the Republican side. The Reps are in absolute fear that Palin is going to run and if so win the nomination.

Candidates, even fringe ones, have access to or have huge sums of money that override leadership's efforts to winnow the field. Money buys votes. And with the growth of social media, the internet etc it's even more out of control.

I don't think the winner is in the running yet. Of all the ones who have tossed in Mitt Rommney seems the least offensive. But I don't think the Republican majority will ever go for anyone not considered fully ensconced in mainstream Christianty. Now it seems like you have to be a full fledged fundamentalist to survive the primaries and all the hardcore rightwingers who dominate the voting there.

I think the days are long gone with party leadership controls anything.

If the Democratic leadership was actually leading today, Rep Weiner would have humbly resigned and did his best to disappear. Instead, Dems fumble about on what to do while Rep Weiner brings unwanted negative and disgraceful attention to his party. What a party guy.

Politics is a game of all for one. said...

my entry in the birthday book contest:
This sounds like a reasonable argument to me. In fact I suspect this is what happened on the Democratic side of the Wisconsin governor's race last year.

Betsy said...

What I like best about the argument is the realization that candidates do not simply spring out of nowhere to run in national elections, but rather that there is a process -- invisible to most voters -- of producing a list of potentially viable candidates. It's an arena of political influence that is effectively unstudied, and it suggests that there are those smoke-filled back rooms full of citizens who care deeply about the candidates who run -- and that these particular citizens wield enormous influence.

Alethea said...

This sounds really interesting. I'd be happy to read the book and learn more about this subject. At this point I'll say Mitt Romney for the nomination, but there's loads of time for me to be proven wrong.

Chloe Yelena Miller said...

Pawlenty. Even thought Romney appears to be tied with Obama right now, the more momentum Romney picks up, the louder the anti-Mormon voices from evangelical Christians and those in the Republican party who are undecided will be. I think Mormonism is still seen as too "fringe" and outside the"comfort zone" for Romney to actually be elected. - Andy Bickford

Chloe Yelena Miller said...

Thanks to everyone for participating and sharing your thoughts! The contest is now closed.

Hans Noel said...

Great comments. My own take is that we don't know who the party leaders are going to like, but I'm thinking Romney or Pawlenty. Most of the others would have difficulties in the general election, or else don't have the right appeal within the party. But we'll see how it plays out!