Friday, September 30, 2011

Writing Prompt: Restaurant or Market Review

Farmstand in South Jersey

Describe a restaurant or market. Write for ten minutes without stopping. Focus on listing all of the details (consider the lighting, floor, cleanliness, activities of people, art, clock, human and mechanical sounds, wall paint, etc.) Do not worry about spelling or grammar.

Write non-stop for five to ten minutes and then go back and underline the key lines/ideas/images that emerge.

I'd love to read your piece or responses to the exercise below in the Comments section.


ninecentgirl said...

Blue Moon CafĂ© in Stowe, Vermont, is my hands-down favorite date night, anniversary night, birthday celebration, go-to spot. Food? Oh where to start… actually let’s not start there, instead stroll along the short slate walkway where the soft light and delicate smells lead you forth. At the door there’s the owner, Jim, heralding you in and ushering you to a favorite table for two tucked by the window or over in the corner, no matter where actually because inside blue warmth is omnipresent. Jim always makes me smile and even makes me laugh as he pushes in my chair and discusses a latest vintage in his wine collection. Crabcakes. Yes, even here in Vermont the Blue Moon manages to obtain fresh crab and concoct memories with this appetizer. Candle light on the tables, mood lighting from above, everyone glows and looks like a million bucks as the professional wait staff attends to water to wine, appetizer to meal, without you fretting for a second. Artwork showcases the eclectic brilliance of Vermont artists: oils and photographs, watercolors and pastels, all change with the seasons. Wait… did I mention dessert… the steaming Belgian chocolate pot drizzled with raspberry…? Let’s end there!

Chloe Yelena Miller said...

That's a fabulous description! Thanks so much for sharing. I don't think I want it stop there :-)