Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mind Your Business...

They Might Be Giants performing in Richmond, Virginia, in September

The awesome, rhythmic, refrain of the They Might Be Giants’ song Cloisonné is “Mind your business.” Who hasn’t wanted to say that someone? For writers, really all creative types, it can be particularly difficult to receive unsolicited advice in response to our work. Haven’t you wanted to tell someone to “Mind your business”?

My husband and I saw the band They Might Be Giants perform in Richmond, Virginia, last month, and they sang this song. I’m still humming it. You can read the lyrics here. No, I don’t really understand what the song means, but it is a catchy tune none-the-less. Maybe it is their obvious love of rhyme and sound, like a language poem, that moves me when I hear them sing it. You might fall more in love with it if you watch the video here.

So, the next time someone offers you unnecessary advice, you might sing them this song. Or least key parts of it.  

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