Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Poem’s Origin: You

I'm confused when writers announce that someone else – a muse or higher power of some sort – gave them a poem.

How is that possible? You – the writer – sat down and wrote something. Who else would have written it for you?

Your writing is a combination of your experiences. That is to say, a combination of things you’ve done, read, heard, felt, dreamed and thought about.

Take a risk and allow yourself to own your writing. You are allowed to admit control over the writing process – from drafting to revising to editing to publishing.

Of course I’ve had experiences where I seem to wake up from a sort of trance and find myself surprised by what I’ve written. Our brains are powerful muscles that transform input, input that perhaps started before we were born, into something new that we create. And that trance? It was probably concentration that is hard to find when we constantly multitask in our crazy worlds.

Are there inspirations that move you to write? Maybe a certain action (like running or cooking) or a place (like standing by the sea) helps you to concentrate and allow your mind to think of words, phrases or entire pieces. If so, good for you for knowing what works and allowing yourself to experience those things.

Good work writing! You did it.

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