Sunday, April 1, 2012

National Poetry Month: Poem to Aunt Dora on April 1st

Aunt Dora in Italy, 1970

Last year on April 1st, my Aunt Dora passed after living for almost 103 years. The date is also the anniversary of when my husband and I first met in New York City, the first day of National Poetry Month, and, of course, April Fool’s Day. It seems somehow appropriate that the day signifies many things.

Today I’d like to share a poem I wrote to Aunt Dora to read to her on this day. It is a letter to her composed of words she said to me over the years and I recorded.

Of course there are more things she said, but they didn’t fit in the poem. Here’s one my favorites that she said on a Monday: "Spaghetti? You can't have spaghetti for dinner. It isn't Sunday. I guess you're just goin' to do what you want to do, kid."

Dear Aunt Dora
A Found Epistolary Poem

I’m still going to talk to you because you’re my love.
I just called to tell you that I’m still in love with you.

I didn’t forget that I love you. And I forgot a lot.
Did you catch my love over there?

I will love you always. No matter what. You can call me names, say whatever you want, and I’ll love you. Don’t laugh at that.

You know why I ask you when I’m going to see you again? Because it is very important that I see you again. And that I know when that’s going to be.

I love you everyday, baby.

I wish you could come and give me some company. I could use your company.

I’ll be lovin’ you like I always was,


Amy said...

You did good, kid. :)

Lovely. Hugs to you.

Dee said...

Wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

Chloe Yelena Miller said...

Thank you...