Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Good news, writers! Creativity proven to contribute to wellness

In this Year of Health, I’m consciously trying to develop healthy habits. Sometimes it is invigorating and sometimes exhausting to squeeze {fill in the blank} between, well, things that have to get done. Reading The Creativity Cure helped to remind me of the importance of wellness and creativity as connected ideas and actions. 

The Creativity Cure explains the connections between creative activities and a happier life path.  In Chapter one, the authors explain, “The Creativity Cure is unique because of its emphasis on self-reliance and creating your own happiness. But it is the combination of meaningful creative activity (especially using your hands) and a deepened understanding of yourself that truly sets it apart. Research has shown that creating things by hand or tending things by hand is an important part of wellness.” Yes, there's a "self-help" theme that is, at times, a little goofy, but overall, the ideas make sense. 

The authors, Carrie Barron, a psychiatrist, Alton  Barron, an orthopedic surgeon, detail a five-prong approach to life:
Mind Rest
Using Your Own Two Hands
Mind Shift

The Barrons offer definitions, personal experiences, and work experiences with their step-by-step approach to making daily changes. There are writing prompts and concrete examples of things to do and build upon, as well as ways to integrate these changes into a life.  

This book does not emphasize a professional approach to the arts or a particular craft. Instead, it remands readers that creativity, on at least some level, is accessible to everyone. Perhaps, in the name of my writing and wellness, I'll try something new today.

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