Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Packing for Plane Travel: Old fashioned magazines

Even as an online writing instructor, I'm pretty old fashioned (perhaps "a dinosaur," as my dad would say.) I like to hold a magazine in my hands, turn pages, cut out articles and share them with friends. Like everyone else, I never seem to have time to actually do that and the magazines pile up.

I may be behind, but I catch up when I travel. As I'm packing to visit family, I have stacks of issues from American Poetry Review, Poets & Writers, The Writer's Chronicle, The New Yorker,  Atlantic and more. Sure, it would be lighter to have an iPad or another electronic reader, but I'm not sure it would offer the same satisfaction or that I would ever finish reading them without the physical reminder. 

But that's just me being old fashioned. I know, I'd probably save money with electronic subscriptions, too. 

How do you read magazines? 

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