Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving & Building Holiday Stories

Pre-sauce cranberries

Happy Thanksgiving Week! 

If you are working on your memoir or personal essays, the holidays are a great time to gather together family stories. As you prepare meals traditional to your family, your senses will be heightened. Just like Proust's Madeleine, the smells and tastes will quickly transport you to the past. Give yourself some time to, at the very least, jot down some notes. 

If you are gathering together with relatives, you might ask them casual or formal questions. Storycorps, whose recordings you might have heard on NPR, has some great questions and suggestions on interviewing. (Don't forget to ask for specific recipes, if you don't already have them.)

If you haven't already mentioned that you are writing a memoir, you might wait until you have something that you are ready to share with others. After all, the piece is yours and you have the right to craft a piece from your own memories. Don't let the critics in too early.

I look forward to seeing you back here on Monday. 

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