Monday, September 22, 2014

Submit! Submit! And Submit Again!

If you have work that you feel is ready, it is time to send it out. Right. Now. Many journals closed their submissions over the summer and should be open at this point. It can take a while for a journal to respond to you, so the earlier the send it out, the sooner you'll hear a response.

Research the literary journals that seem like the best fit and then follow their instructions when you submit your work. If the piece comes back to you, send it out to the next magazine on your list.

Poets & Writers Magazine has a great database of literary magazines and journals, as well as calls for submissions online and in the print magazine. NewPages lists calls for submissions regularly, too. Lynn Barrett wrote a clear piece in The Review Review about what editors are looking for.

For more on submissions, read what I wrote about submission spreadsheets (keep yourselves organized!), guest blogger Faye Rapoport DesPres' piece on Submitting to Literary Journals, and why rejection letters might be cause for celebration.

What's your favorite literary journal?

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