Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday Pro-tip: Write it Down

Between writing holiday cards and planning your New Year's eve menu, write down your ideas. Title for a new poem? Write it down. Plot twist for chapter five of the novel you've only written one chapter of so far? Write it down. New word you learned that makes you smile? Write it down.

The holidays are busy. Too busy. You may have a few days off from work, but suddenly family is town, the supermarket trip takes an extra hour and you still need to buy wrapping paper. Of course it is the happiest time of the year and you were looking forward to it, but it doesn't mean that you don't want to write, too. You're a writer, after all, and writers write.

Take the few minutes you have while the sugar cookies are cooling to jot down the notes you have been repeating so you can memorize them. You don't have to write in full sentences, but write enough so you'll remember what you meant on New Year's day when everyone else is sleeping and you're up early to fulfill that New Year's resolution to write daily.

Use your phone audio or video recording function. Email yourself. Text message yourself. Keep a notebook in your bag or use that paper napkin. But write it down before you forget. Stop worrying and just write it down.

And then give yourself a break to enjoy your visitors and this time together eating, laughing and wrapping the presents you spent so long wrapping. You can sleep soundly knowing you won't forget anything since you wrote it down.

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