Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Keep Your Drafts

Stop! Don't throw your draft(s) into the electronic or metal trashcan. Instead, save each draft. Devise a method (with dates, numbers or letters) to organize your drafts. You might make changes and then decide to return to an original approach.

I particularly love how you can make major changes to your writing and then undo them by returning to an earlier draft. The act of making large changes, like shifting a first person narrative into a third person narrative, might teach you something about your characters. You might find that a piece works better in the new voice or you might bring some lessons about the characters back into the original approach. Not only have you not harmed the piece, but you've learned something.

So, stop deleting and start saving.

For more, see my post How to Save Poetry Drafts Electronically.

Do you save your drafts? What kind of organizational system to do you use to save your drafts? I look forward to reading your Comments below. 

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