Monday, September 21, 2015

Attention: Adjuncts!

Are you reading Adjunct Commuter Weekly yet? News, poetry, events, games and more for the on-the-go adjunct. Maybe start with the interview with "platinum commuter" Sam Messer.

Read more about the publication's beginnings on Slate, including an interview with founder (and my former NYU in Florence colleague), Dushko Petrovich. Here's the beginning of the interview:

What made you decide to dedicate an entire publication to commuting adjunct professors?

As you know it’s a huge—and hugely underserved—demographic, and a growing one. [Adjuncts] might not have much disposable income, but I did think it was a community that could stand some more visibility and respect. I wanted to provide them with content that reflects the realities of their lives, products that serve their needs, and a way of forming a kind of community.

I think the adjunct commuter has the potential to be an incredibly influential demographic. They are well-educated and talented, and they are the ones doing most of the teaching at American universities. I think they are the only people who will be able to save the American university from itself. But first they have to recognize and respect themselves as a group, so they can come to terms with the conditions of their employment and do something about it.

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