Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New Semester: Time Management?

I teach college writing classes online to (primarily) adults. Each school has varying schedules, with their semester and course start dates, depending on the length of the class. Classes at two schools started on Monday and while I love the fresh, new start, it can be overwhelming, too. Juggling a number of classes, schedules and students can be confusing at times.

The adult students I teach are also busy. They are usually fitting school between professional careers and family responsibilities. Time management is a concern we address during the first week.

My go-to problem solving idea is to use an electronic calendar. When I teach online, I mark down not only the days the class is meeting, but when work is due, when class discussions are happening and when I plan on grading assignments. Without my trusty calendar, I might not remember to check-in on classes during the non-grading days or forget to grade longer assignments in a timely fashion.

What advice do you follow when you are juggling many responsibilities? 

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