Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Who is your ideal reader? Your content will be partially determined by who that reader is and what she knows. From that point, you can build your plot, narrative and all that you hope the reader will learn, consider and delight in.

As you write and revise, you'll make decisions about what to name, explain or offer background on. Maybe you want to challenge your reader to do some research as she reads. Or maybe you hope that your reader already knows all of the cultural, historical, religious or other signifiers throughout your piece. Perhaps you are writing for someone in between.

Here's your writing challenge of the day:
Describe your ideal reader for your current writing project.

Here are some questions to get you started: What does that person know about your subject? How immersed is the reader in pop culture? What cultural references do you share (music? visual art? poetry?) Will you define foreign words? Will you name technology or brand names?

After you finish this writing challenge, you can apply this knowledge of your reader to your current piece.

For more, consider tone, words and content in your memoir and audience in terms of marketing (as you work to sell and later publicize your book.) 

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