Monday, February 1, 2016

Custom Bookcase By Designcraft Woodworking

Terry Nagorski of Designcraft Woodworking, Inc., designed and constructed our built-in bookcase this fall. We couldn't be happier. As a poet and political scientist couple, we have many, many (but not too many) books and we love them so. This bookcase displays our favorites and gives us easy access to them. The books are organized first by genre and then alphabetically.

Our condo feels like it is truly ours with this custom addition. 

And, best of all, our son talks about books even more than he did before. Growing up with books, even before he can read, will make a difference in his literacy, creative thinking, empathy, knowledge and, perhaps, writerly interest. Sure, we still borrow stacks of books from the library, but he knows that he has his own growing library at home. And, happily, this built-in bookcase can't possible fall on him if he decides to try to scale it (he hasn't yet, but...)

Thanks again to Terry for this lovely bookcase. If you're interested in creating a custom home for your books, contact her directly through her website.

Scroll down to see the bookcases as they were created and the final piece. The recent, final images were kindly taken by my mother, Melabee M. Miller, a New Jersey based architectural photographer and visual artist. 

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