Monday, March 14, 2016

Amy Bucklin's Guest Post: 5 Reasons Why You Need an Editor for Your Memoir

Are you submitting your memoir to small presses or agents? Considering self-publishing? You want your ideas and writing to shine. Amy Bucklin, an editor and writer, outlines the benefits of hiring an editor below. I encourage you to visit her company website, Clear Sky Writing, for more.

5 Reasons Why You Need an Editor for Your Memoir

Finishing your memoir is a tremendous accomplishment. You’ve crafted your story and revised and honed your manuscript. Now you’re done! Or are you?

There is one more step you should consider: hiring an editor.

All writers, from first-time authors to published pros like Stephen King and Elizabeth Gilbert, benefit from the objective eye and professional expertise of an editor.

A professional editor can make your manuscript more:

1. Focused – Is that scene with Aunt Mabel at your third birthday party integral to the story? No one knows your life better than you do, but that makes it hard for you to spot areas where the narrative digresses or contains too much detail. A professional editor will help you shape your memoir and remain focused on your central theme.

2. Clear – An editor can make suggestions on word choice and sentence structure, help you trim unnecessary words and phrases, and identify where you need more — or less — detail.

3. Readable – An editor can assist you with the flow of your writing and transitions between paragraphs and chapters. He or she will also help you pinpoint and cut dense paragraphs, clich├ęs, and overused words and phrases. This will result in a piece that is easier and more enjoyable to read.

4. Accurate – Editors make sure you use consistent spelling, capitalization, nicknames, place names, and facts. They also correct grammar and typos. While these may seem like trivial details, inconsistencies and inaccuracies can be distracting to a potential publisher and your reader.

5. Professional – Working with an editor before you send your manuscript out can help catch the attention of a publisher. If you plan to self-publish, it will result in a memoir that is more likely to be read, treasured, and shared for generations to come.

Amy Bucklin is an editor and writer with 18 years of experience helping individuals and companies make their writing more clear and effective. She works with clients across the nation on a variety of projects, including editing and proofreading manuscripts, articles, blog and social media posts, brochures, and website content. 

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